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Information regarding the 17th Aviation Management Conference will be available October 2021, hope to see you there!

From Crisis to Prosperity

Paradigm shift in aviation: Altering the course of the industry with young professionals

13 January 2021 | Online environment

The Aviation Management Honours team proudly presented the 16th edition of the Aviation Management Conference.
On the 13th of January 2021, the Aviation Management Conference was hosted in an online environment.

The topic of the conference focused on young professionals in aviation. The aviation sector is an industry like no other. Everyday challenges arise that threaten the continuation of the operation as we know it. From early 2020, the aviation industry has been in a state of survival due to effects of a global pandemic, COVID-19. Within these difficult times it is important to not simply stay still, but also to look ahead for opportunities and possibilities for when the crisis has subsided. We wanted to address our view for the upcoming years after COVID-19 and how young professionals could take part in altering the course of the aviation industry.

Several questions were touched upon during the conference in both keynotes and break-out sessions. Speakers from various respected aviation parties & stakeholders participated. The conference was designed to inspire aviation students and professionals that the time for change is now and that COVID-19 has created opportunities to make these changes. The aviation industry is facing a major challenge which we have to cope with throughout the next several years.