For questions, please contact us at

When will the conference be hosted?
The conference will be hosted on 13 January 2021.

When will the registration be opened?
Registration will be possible from 1 December 2020 via this registration form.

How can I cancel my registration?
We do not want to see you go, but registration can be cancelled via this link.

Where will the conference be held?
As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, it has been decided that the conference will be in an online environment.

What can I expect from the conference?
The conference is structured in such way that perspectives from young professionals, field experts and students will be shared in order to inspire and inform participants of the conference. The conference will contain presentations, interviews and discussions regarding the three main topics -economics, social impact and technological innovations.

What does the conference schedule look like?
The main topics of the conference will be split into a morning and afternoon session. The schedule will be posted on the website and will be send by e-mail prior to the conference.

How do I receive updates regarding the conference?
During registration you can indicate whether you want to receive updates about the conference. If you later decide whether or not to receive updates, please fill in the ‘unsubscribe’ form or contact us at

Will there be any form of material published prior to the conference?
In order to effectively share information, presentations of young professionals, field experts and students will be uploaded to the Aviation Management Conference website. These presentations will contribute to the progress and fundament of the conference.

What do I do if I want to ask one of the speakers a question regarding their presentation?

Questions regarding material that is published prior to the conference can be asked in the field beneath the material. Questions that might arise during the conference can be asked via our Q&A option, where these questions will be answered.

Am I required to be present all day?
To get the maximum experience and message from the conference, it is important to be present all day. However, it is possible to join the conference at any time.

I have a question regarding the conference, how do I contact the organisers?
You can ask any pending questions via