Job Brüggen
Safety Officer – Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL)
Job Brüggen holds a master’s degree from Delft University of Technology in Aerospace Engineering. In 1986 he started working for the National Aerospace Laboratory where he later became the head of the Air Transport Division. His particular interest in safety led him to Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL), to become their first safety manager in 2002. He currently fulfils the role of Safety Officer within LVNL. He is particularly known for his activities in Just Culture developments and was one of the first to demonstrate the detrimental effect of prosecution of air traffic controllers on incident reporting. In 2003 he re-created the CANSO Safety Standing Committee and chaired it for six years. He is currently leading the effort for the FAB Europe Central safety management activities. From 2014 until 2020 he was elected as the co-chairman of the EUROCONTROL Safety Team. At the 16th Aviation Management Conference Job will take us through the response of the safety system of LVNL as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. What has been noted at LVNL is that the number of occurrences (reported safety incidents) has significantly decreased due to the lower traffic volume. Job will take us through the steps that LVNL is taking to ensure operational safety throughout the pandemic and the organisation in more nominal conditions.
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Andre Stein
Chief Executive Officer – EVE Air Mobility Solutions
Andre Stein is the CEO of Eve Urban Air Mobility and former Head of Strategy of EmbraerX, Embraer’s market accelerator. He has more than 20 years multicultural experience in aviation from living and working in all continents and has served in leadership roles that span Strategy, Product Development, New Business, Market Intelligence and Sales. Stein hails from the Kellogg School of Management and is a Mechanical Engineer from Unicamp. He is an avid traveler who is passionate about mobility. At the 16th Aviation Management Conference Andre will give a presentation about “Radical changes to urban transportation” and will participate in the afternoon panel discussion to give his vision on the opportunities and challenges the aviation industry has with regard to new technologies.
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Paul Beck
Founder and owner of Planeground, Senior Airport Planner and Consultant
Paul Beck holds a master’s degree from University of Karlsruhe in Civil Engineering. In 2000 he started working for the Netherlands Airport Consultants (NACO) as Airport Consultant and Senior Airport Master planner until 2011. He then created the company Planeground Airport Consulting, a Consultancy for strategic airport development and planning. The company now has offices in Cologne and Amsterdam. Planeground undertakes activities such as strategy planning, functional terminal and infrastructure planning, traffic concepts, user requirement analysis, demands analysis, impact assessment, decision support and project management. At the 16th Aviation Management Conference Paul will both give a presentation as participate in the afternoon panel discussion to give his vision on airports and how they can ensure that they are continuous, profitable and sustainable in the future.
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Marilyn Bastin
Head of Aviation Sustainability – EUROCONTROL
Marylin joined EUROCONTROL as Head of Aviation Sustainability in 2020. She has over 15 years of experience within the air traffic management (ATM) community including the management of multinational projects. Prior to joining EUROCONTROL, Marylin worked at Skeyes, the Belgian Air Navigation Services provider, where she was responsible for Environment and Procedure design. She has co-chaired the EUROCONTROL CCO/CDO task force as well as the Standing Committee on Environment for FABEC (Functional Airspace Block Europe Central). Marylin is a Belgian national and an engineer by training. During the 16th Aviation Management Conference, Marylin will participate in the first panel discussion to provide her view on getting the transport industry more sustainable.
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Ligeia Paletti
Circular Aviation Expert – Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR)
Ligeia supports NLR’s ambition towards a sustainable aviation by investigating the implementation of Circular Economy within the aviation sector. Ligeia Paletti is aware of the importance of cooperation and innovation in order to achieve her goal of flying on a certified circular aircraft by 2050. For this reason, within the Future Sky initiative of the Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics (EREA), she is the theme leader for Circular Aviation. Within NLR she is responsible for the NLR Living Lab, a metaphysical and physical place to connect the aeronautical community and its users to each other and to non-aeronautical communities in new ways, in order to foster innovation, creativity and curiosity. Ligeia Paletti is passionate about the aviation sector. Before joining NLR, she worked in various roles in an aerospace engineering consultancy, contributing to various aircraft development programs. Previously, she worked at Delft University of Technology, as researcher in the field of structural integrity. She obtained a Master of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering in 2006 from the Politecnico of Milan, specialising in Aerospace Structures. At the 16th Aviation Management Conference Ligeai will give a presentation covering the necessity of implementing circular economy in aviation. As the theme leader for Circular Aviation at the European Research Establishments in Aeronautics she is well placed to deliver an interesting and thought-provoking presentation.
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Geert Boosten
Aviation Management Professor – AUAS
Geert Boosten has over 32 years of experience in the airport business. Following his studies in the Netherlands and four years working at a large publishing company, he started working at Schiphol Airport in 1988 (where he stayed until 1999). Working in various positions, Geert has gained experience and expertise in all aspects of airport (operations and commercial) management, business development, and strategy. As a director of corporate strategy, he was responsible for Schiphol’s master planning, long- term airport development, and international development as well as airport privatization, regulation of fees and charges, and new business development using ICT. As a consultant, Geert was involved in the strategy, masterplan and/or PPP development of several airports around the world. Geert was Director of Education for seven years and he is currently Professor of Aviation Management at the AUAS Aviation Academy. The Aviation Management research unit focuses on applied research on aviation capacity optimization. Furthermore, he is a board member of DEAC (Dutch Electric Aviation Centre) at Teuge Airport and a board member of the Stichting Duurzaam Vliegen (Sustainable Aviation) in the Netherlands. During the 16th Aviation Management Conference, Geert Boosten will participate in the afternoon panel discussion. He will bring his extensive experience in the aviation industry to discuss the future of aviation.
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Ruud Ummels
Managing Director – To70
Ruud is managing director at To70 Aviation and internationally acclaimed airport planning and operations expert. He has led over 200 consultancy projects in over 20 countries. Having spent six years in the Asia-Pacific region, he has helped deliver significant growth at airports such as Melbourne, Bangkok, Singapore, Shanghai Pudong, Manila and Taipei. His recent experience ranges from lead roles for the airport master plans at Amsterdam and Brussels, the ATM Vision for Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) and noise management for Gatwick Airport. To70 recently received the ACI World Business Partner Recognition Award in recognition of the active role it has been playing in supporting the airport industry to rebuild from the COVID-19 crisis. At the 16th Aviation Management Conference Ruud will give a presentation about “the state of the industry” and will participate in the morning panel discussion to give his vision on the opportunities and challenges the most important stakeholders face in the field of sustainability and digitation.
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Pat Boone
Senior Training Captain 737/787 Dreamliner and CEO of CrewLounge AERO
Pat Boone is a senior training captain on Boeing 737 and 787 Dreamliner, flying out of Brussels airport. He is the author of the B737 MRG handbooks, of which more than 100K copies are sold in English and Chinese. Pat is also business owner of CrewLounge AERO, a software platform with apps and services for crew members, training centres and small airfields. CREWLOUNGE(TM) is headquartered in Belgium with offices across Europe and Asia. In his blog “Losing my Pilot Job”, Pat comments on the impact of COVID-19 on the aviation industry and the resilience that we may expect. During the 16th Aviation Management Conference, Pat will share in an interview his experiences and view on the impact of this pandemic on aviation, from a pilot perspective.
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Losing My Pilot Job
Tim Geraedts
Internal Consultant – NS International
Tim Geraedts is an internal consultant for NS International and responsible for business development of international rail. He holds a MSc. -degree from Delft University of Technology and has been working in the sustainable technology field, with a special focus on energy and transport. In his current role he is developing the long-term strategy for long-distance high-speed train travel to and from the Netherlands. During the 16th Aviation Management Conference, Tim will give a presentation on the role of trains in a multi modal transport hub and how rail is set to realise societal and sustainability benefits in and around Amsterdam.
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Melvin Broekaart
Founder and Chief Executive Officer – Aircommerce
Melvin Broekaart is the founder of Aircare – the award-winning AI airport conversational ecosystem – and Managing Partner at Aircommerce Group, the Netherlands based airport digital innovation and -consulting group. He’s an expert in the field of airport commerce and a regular speaker at various international airport- and airline conferences, frequent contributor to airport industry publications and the producer of the Dutch national aviation podcast. With over 15 years of duty free & travel retail experience and a strong digital acumen, Melvin is uniquely positioned to successfully bring together impactful digital technologies with the unique characteristics of the airport. Melvin holds a Masters’ degree in International Strategic Marketing and is an alumnus of Erasmus University/ Rotterdam School of Management, and of Fundação Getulio Vargas, São Paulo, Brazil.  During the 16th Aviation Management Conference Melvin will give a presentation about the future of passenger behaviour as a result of COVID-19. Within this presentation he will discuss how we behave at airports. As well as giving us his vision on the future in regard to passenger behaviour.
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Jaap de Wit
Transport economist – Director Pintail Aviation Economics
Jaap de Wit is Professor Emeritus of transport economics at the University of Amsterdam and the former Director of the Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis (KiM), an independent research institute to advise the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Jaap studied regional and transport economics at the Free University Amsterdam. He started his career at the economic research department of the Netherlands Railways. Thereafter he joined the traffic engineering department of Delft University of Technology as an assistant professor. Later he transferred to the Netherlands Civil Aviation Authority where he held different positions, lastly as chief economist. He initiated the aviation economic section at SEO Economic Research and the Airneth scientific network. Currently he advises airports, regulators and governments on economic issues in aviation through his consultancy firm Pintail Aviation Economics. During the 16th Aviation Management Conference, Jaap will in an interview share his view on the post-COVID Aviation Economy. In his interview his primary focus will be on three key aspects, selectivity, innovation and substitution which he sees as potential game changers.
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Thiago Nico Daffini
Lead Market Analyst – Embraer Commercial Aviation
“In his daily business, Nico is fully dedicated to Embraer’s mission of building the world’s most efficient airplanes in their categories as well as helping airlines increase their profitability by listening and thereby understanding their needs and supporting their day-to-day operations. Having been part of the Embraer family for the last 15 years and having had the chance to support Embraer’s global customer base, Nico has accumulated extensive experience in and understanding of the OEM-world as well as the aviation business’ eccentricities. As a lead market analyst, he is currently based in Amsterdam and is looking after strategic marketing campaigns in Europe. Nico is Brazilian and holds two Engineering degrees – one in Aeronautical Engineering and another one in Computer Engineering.” During the 16th Aviation Management Conference, Thiago will participate in the morning panel discussion. He will bring his extensive experience in the aviation industry in combination with his role as lead market analyst, to discuss the future of aviation.
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Robert Baltus
Chief Operating Officer – EBAA
Robert’s aviation experience spans nearly twenty years advising and supporting senior management and executive Boards of a variety of aviation related companies. Over the past ten years he has secured strong personal relationships within many leading companies as an aviation specialist and an aviation consultant experienced in start-ups, fleet selection, training and strategic change management. (Re)building sales teams, growing the sales funnel and building brands in one of the most exciting industries is what keeps Robert excited! At the 16th Aviation Management Conference Robert will give a presentation about the impact of COVID-19 on the Business Aviation in Europe. Next to that, he provides the vision of EBAA regarding technological innovations on aircraft.
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Vincent Steinmetz
Consultant – Voqx
Vincent was born in The Netherlands. He has an aeronautical engineering background. He currently flies the Embraer 175/190 at a European airline. Besides flying Vincent joined a consultancy company in 2011 that is involved in various European research and development projects with the focus on aviation technology. Over time Vincent gained interest in the position of the human and human action within complex socio-technic systems in relation to safety. He was able to join the Safety Department of his airline as investigator in 2012. Since then, Vincent has been involved in various retrospective, proactive and predictive investigations. Vincent is convinced that a simple conclusion like ‘human error’ is not suitable within complex and dynamic environments in which practitioners have to work. He believes that in order to understand undesired outcomes, you need to understand ‘normal daily work’. Together with Cees Jan Meeuwis, Vincent has started Voqx in 2016. A company that provides incident/accident investigator courses, keynotes, workshops and classes based on the latest safety science developments.  At the 16th Aviation Management Conference Vincent will give a presentation about the interaction between humans and innovative technologies. With his experiences in aviation and safety, he is well placed to provide analysis on the human interaction in relation to new technologies.  
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